Tonight, Roshd International  Film Festival made  a good event for us
Saurabh Kumar, Indian ambassador to Iran
Tonight, Roshd International Film Festival made a good event for us
The Indian ambassador expressed his delight in holding India movie night at the 48th Roshd International Film Festival, said:” This artistic event was a good thing for us, tonight.”
Thursday, November 22, 2018
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According to the Public Relations of 48th  Roshd International  Film Festival, India  Movie Night  was  held in Hall Number one of  Felestin  cinema Complex with screening of Indian Short films  on the fifth day of the festival.

Before the show, Vahid Nikkhah Azad, the festival's  director chief welcomed  the attendance in the hall and said: "I welcome all Indian and Iranian guests, especially Indian ambassador to Iran. I'm glad to be at India Movie night beside you.”

He Continued:” Due to screening of many Indian and Italian  films  at festival, We dedicated  two nights of the festival to the cinema of these two countries.”

Then Saurabh Kumar went on stage and said:” At first, I thank the official of  Roshd  International  Film Festival, and I am proud to be  here at the India Movie Night  at the festival.”

He added:” India is a film country, cinema in India is like a cultural ambassador, and Indian films represent us in most countries of the world. I 've heard a lot  that Sangam by Raj Kapoor has a big fan base in Iran. At  tonight children movie will be released, and this will double the importance of the subject.”

Kumar, saying that I'm happy to have a separate section for Indian cinema at this festival, emphasized:” Iran has creative artists and moviemakers. Last year, a co-production film was made. These collaborations can continue and we will get closer to our larger goal.”

At the end of ceremony , Haidar Torani, deputy minister of education, was gifted an exquisite book , Baysonghor Shahnameh,to  Indian ambassador .